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Music flows from the flute when the wooden rod is properly carved and put embouchure. Education is the development of the potentials in the child. The talents innate in a child are precious gifts of God and are to be used for the good of the mankind. Keeping this in view MBOS Public School tries its best to develop the child academically, aesthetically and spiritually; thus ensuring the integrated growth of the child. Its educational goals have always been something more than the ordinary or mediocre. It has always tried to reach out to all irrespective of caste, colour and creed, without compromising on quality, values and excellence. The school has taken utmost care to mould a generation which respects elder, shows veneration and fidelity to values and has fellow feeling. The School requests the parents and students to share and cooperate with its aims and objectives. Everyone is an embodiment of innumerable possibilities. The fact is not that we have no talents rather that we are not aware of our abilities and rarely try to develop them. Therefore, help to identify ones abilities and try with confidence and endurance to develop them. If you have dedication, determination and devotion, there is nothing in the world which cannot be achieved. The mission of our school is to transform the students as educationally competent, morally sound and socially committed person s by providing a vibrant learning ambience. The MBOS Public School intends to provide maximum opportunities for all sorts of activities possible during and after school hours. Please make maximum use of all such facilities and participate in all such activities in the school. Let us try together to achieve its vision. May the mercy of the Lord help you to come out with flying colours. Principal Fr. Daniel Valliayyathu

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